Compassion Eternal by CVM
Being One by CVM
Compassion Eternal by CVM
Being One (gloss red)
So Curious (bone) by CVM
Excalibur Sword by CVM
Excalibur Sword by CVM
Out Into the World (Bone)
Still Popular
Otherwise Mostly Fine (Bunny)
Oswald the Skeletal Carrot
That Sunny Day I
I Am Perfect (Glomm) (Red Bows)
Out Into the World (Safety Orange)
Let's Play


Carlos Vela-Martinez’ sculptures are playful, vivid, imaginary objects that happen to actually exist.

Select work available for purchase at

Catching Stars Gallery, Bowen Island, BC

or Contact artist for current availability & pricing


Selections of Carlos' work is at:

Catching Stars gallery,  Bowen Island, BC


Compassion Eternal, the third in a trilogy of work by Carlos. This piece is evocative of the ocean; gentle, thoughtful, tactile; a strong, whale-like hybrid creature embodying strength, compassion and resilience. Limited edition of 4 sculptures in various finishes.

Carlos has completed his most recent work 

Indomitable Spirit, with two pieces of a limited edition of four. Indomitable Spirit expresses the freedom of overcoming fear through strength, courage and grace. Indomitable Spirit is part of a series along with his earlier Out Into the World, which expressed a longing to explore, an aspiration to discover and desire to understand. 


Cast in hydrostone each piece is coloured finished uniquely. 

Dimensions: 22in x 13in x 9in

© 2018 Carlos Vela-Martinez

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