Spring Dancer by Carlos Vela-Martinez

16"h x 10" x 8" Resin, acrylic, plaster, steel

Compassion Eternal by CVM

Compassion Eternal by CVM - Plaster, steel, oil paint 19"h x 18"d x 11"w

Carlos as Lancelot in Camelot

Carlos plays Lancelot in 'Camelot'

Being One

Being One - Plaster, oil paint 17" diameter x 4" d

Carlos & Olesia in Roses & Daggers

Carlos & Olesia sing 'Carmen' in Roses & Daggers

So Curious

So Curious - Resin, acrylic 6"h x 5" x 3"

Excalibur made by Carlos

Excalibur sword created by Carlos for 'Camelot'

Carlos as El Gallo

Carlos as El Gallo in The Fantasticks

Indomitable Spirit - Sculpture

'Indomitable Spirit' Sculpture by Carlos Vela-Martinez

Carlos & Olesia in Roses and Daggers

Carlos & Olesia sing 'Suddenly Seymour' in Roses & Daggers concert

Carlos Vela-Martinez & Olesia Shewchuk - 11

Carlos & Olesia Shewchuk in The Merry Widow

Singing 'Maria' at Kits Showboat

Carlos performs 'Maria' from Westside Story at the Kitsilano Showboat

Branca (Gift1) - Carlos Vela-Martinez

Branca (Gift One) - Carlos Vela-Martinez

Sailor Carlos!

Carlos as Quartet Sailor wooing Erma


Out Into the World (detail) - Carlos Vela-Martinez