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Artist Carlos Vela-Martinez, maker of props, singer and actor
Actor Carlos Vela-Martinez IMDb profile
Vibrant House Productions website independent producer of short films Carlos Vela-Martinez and Olesia Shewchuk co-founders

Carlos Vela-Martinez is a Mexican-Canadian artist based in Vancouver, BC. A graduate of Emily Carr, he has a long-established studio practice. Relocating from Bowen Island where he sold work at Catching Stars Gallery, his studio is now at 312Main downtown. He creates his whimsical characters and crafts the artifacts of daydreams by sculpting, mold-making, casting and finishing in a variety of materials. 


Carlos’ fascination with story and illusory worlds is informed by a playful inclination to pretend. This theatrical sensibility is evident in his sculptural work, and has further led him to include prop-making, acting, singing, writing, and filmmaking in his art practice.


He has made props for theatre and props and production design for independent film productions. As a performer, his stage work began as a singer, leading to acting in musicals and short film. He recently co-wrote, co-produced and performed in the award-winning short musical film “The Perfect Spot”. He has co-written and is Production Designer for “Beyond Blood”, a short vampire opera film. Both film projects are through Vibrant House, an independent production collaboration of which he is co-founder.

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